Unlike most whelping boxes on the market, Whelpmate™ is made from waterproof, industrial strength ABS plastic and has NO CORNERS - which can trap harmful bacteria. When you’re finished with your box, simply roll it outside (IT HAS WHEELS on one side), hose it down and store it for future use.

With clear ACRYLIC WALLS, Whelpmate™ allows you to see your dog and puppies at all stages during the whelping process. Not only can you keep a close eye on your developing pups, they are exposed to their surroundings, which contributes to creating HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, MORE WELL-ADJUSTED PUPPIES.

Whelpmate™ boxes are BUILT TO LAST for many litters, so storage was a key factor in the design. Once you’ve finished using your box you can COLLAPSE THE WALLS AND DOORS (to a height of 19cm) allowing for storage in more convenient places.

Whelpmate Combo Setup / Pack down

Introducing Whelpmate

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