Whelpmate™ Reviews

"Easiest to keep clean...Love it"

Our World Of Bullies


"We use this system as we find it the easiest to keep clean and monitor our babies. ❤️❤️ Whelpmate Love it!"

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"Love this system"

Gina Kirby
Celtic Sight Hounds


"Love this system. Love it. Clean puppy’s, no stink in my house, love love love it"

"All our puppy’s are whelped in the whelpmate whelping system. I am a firm believer in this system. I have happy and much cleaner puppies that are house trained to pee pads when ready or leave the whelpimg box! A must buy for anyone that wants clean and well adjusted dogs..."

"Very easy to clean...5 out of 5"

Carlos C Rocha Fernandes
LuckyLine Australia


"We have this Product at home and it is Absolutely great so simple to use very easy Clean and move around the house the clear sides makes easy to see thru when monitoring the Puppies.
For me it’s a 5 out of 5."

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"Can't imagine using anything else"

Dr. Theresa Pizzuto BScBVMS

“I recently used Whelpmate Whelping Boxes for a litter of pups and I now can’t imagine using anything else! It was so easy to wipe down and keep clean, and really lightweight to take outside when a hose down was required. We could always see what the pups were up to and they could see everything going on around them. Especially from a veterinary perspective, I believe this will be hugely beneficial to the puppies adjusting to life as they grow. This is a very well designed, functional and stylish system - well done!” 

"We are loving this"

Jo Rasche - South Australia
Anvilhart Staffords

We are loving this 😘 pups happy - mum can escape and still be enclosed - and can only imagine how much easier this will be when they are running and pooping lol! Bed in one side - newspaper and poop in the other - and no more chewed skirting boards, door frames or footprints up the walls 👍

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